In recent years, we have started to use, along with the term solution-focused, the term progress-focused to describe how we work. We have become quite accustomed to this label and think that it does justice to the dynamic character of the solution-focused approach. The solution-focused approach has always been about making stepwise progress in the direction of the desired situation. The term progress-focused also does justice to a few of our own innovations and to several very inspiring influences by people which we have integrated into our approach. Some examples of such people are Carol Dweck, Anders Ericsson, Teresa Amabile, Icek Ajzen, Barbra Fredrickson, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, and others.


Since we started to use the term progress-focused we have noticed that many people find the term clear and attractive. To people who are not yet familiar with the core of our approach we sometimes explain it by mentioning the following four steps:


  1. In what would you like to make progress?
  2. What does that progress look like?
  3. What progress have you already made?
  4. What small step forward could you now take?
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