In the post Self-concordance theory I mentioned a causal model of progress by Vasalampi, Salmela-Aro, & Nurmi, (2009) based on self-concordance theory, a theory originally formulated by Sheldon & Kasser (1998; 1999).

Since I am interested in what causes progress under what conditions and with what effects I am interested in such models. I found another model in a chapter by Grosse Holtforth & Michalak (2012) in the Oxford Hanbook of Human Motivation. It is a modified version of the so-called teleonomic model of subjective well-being which was originally formulated by Brunstein & Maier (2002). (Here is more background on the word ‘teleonomic’). This is that model:

I don’t have more details about this. If you, reader, know more, please let me know. Also, if you know more models in which progress plays a central role, please let me know.

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