In a new paper, Netta Weinstein, Andrew Przybylski, and Richard Ryan address the topic of  the integrative process. With this they mean the process of coordinating and increasing the congruence between their behaviors and cognitions, and of how to integrate new experiences within their existing web of self-knowledge. The authors say that this integrative process consists of three interconnected subprocesses—namely, awareness, ownership/autonomy, and nondefensiveness and they summarize evidence linking these facets of integration to energy, wellness, and relational benefits.


Mindful awareness is the degree to which people have open access to their own emotions, motives, and values. Personal ownership, or autonomy,is the degree to which one takes responsibility for one’s emotions, decisions, and thoughts. Non-defensiveness is the degree to which one turns toward and tries to solve challenging situations. The authors suggest that both autonomy supportive contexts and mindful awareness (which is a learnable skill) are beneficial for the process of integration.


Here is my attempt to visually summarize the paper:


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