The purpose of this website is to share and develop knowledge about the nature and role of progress in individual and organizational development. The site may be interesting and useful for coaches, trainers, employees, project managers, managers, teachers, therapists, and psychologists.


The power of progress

Perceived progress, the perception of unimpeded movement forward or overcoming obstacles, is a powerful thing. Change often works best when frequent attention is paid to progress which has been made and to how individuals have made that progress happen. Here are some proven advantages of monitoring progress:

  1. Self-evaluation of  progress is a key motivational process . The perception of progress generally increases self-efficacy and motivation (Schunk & Usher, 2012).
  2. Both the belief in and actual progress toward goals increases subjective well-being (MacLeod, Coates & Hetherton, 2008).
  3. An individual’s sense of progress toward life goals is related to better physical health and less depression (Street, O’Connor & Robinson, 2007).
  4. Reflecting on progress helps to learn if something you have tried is effective and, if not, to make modifications to your approach (Cleary, 2011).
  5. Focusing on progress is highly motivating both in work settings (Amabile & Kramer, 2011) and in one’s personal life (Elliot, Sheldon & Church, 1997). Progress seems to be crucial for finding meaning and gratification in work and in life in general, especially when the progress is related to the fulfillment of the individual’s need for autonomy, competence and relatedness (Sheldon & Kasser, 1998).

This website argues that valuable  progress is always possible and is always already happening to some extent. But progress it not always automatic and inevitable in any situation. Valuable progress will always require effort.



This website begins small. We invite you to contribute your knowledge, experiences, and questions through the blogs on this site. We hope that we can make this site interesting and useful and we hope to learn a lot.


Coert Visser