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    1. Network

      King Dragon Network Technology company was founded in November 2013, mainly R & D for the King Dragon tailored information system software, with the intention that by the extensive development of business management to the fine view of the dragon, and let the system point and area management management transition, enabling the development of information technology companies. 

            King Dragon Network Technology company is focused on research and development (ERP, construction engineering, human resources and knowledge base) four sets of information systems, 

            Human Resource Information System: Achieving talent management and control, planning, performance appraisal, manpower cost accounting and analysis branch. Of the Group's personnel were control, forecasting, personnel planning to achieve; performance appraisal for everyone, clearer control over labor costs force costing and analysis branch. 

            ERP information systems: Help Central Purchasing Center, marketing, budgeting, bidding analysis advantages of resources, so that the cost of the budget clearer. Fast quotes, accurate quotations and cost estimates, in advancing the process engineering can clearly see the changes in the cost and budget. 

            Construction engineering information system: When Group Engineering Center can always check the progress of each region, quality, cost is normal, there have been major quality problems or situations can be resolved immediately. Regional director, project managers real-time monitoring and intuitively identify problems and achieve advance warning, pre-judgment. 

            Knowledge of information systems: the effectiveness of play library, information exchange staff, standardized information sharing module. The Dragon King employees often used quote, or to the advantage of the construction process, and other key nodes or solutions, summed up the formation of experience and information, so that people of different projects in different regions, in the face of similar problems can be effective and timely reference, to the effect of knowledge sharing.

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