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      King rond by micro letter platform, the company's web site, corporate image promotion, project documentary and the enterprise group "king rond the ABCD" to the enterprise culture spread in all directions. In addition to promote the enterprise culture, king rond thorough knowledge of the culture industry also seriously, construction is not only the creation of reinforced concrete, but also of cultural spirit. King rond understand through building should be a kind of cultural values, to better understand the importance of preservation, record the architectural culture. 

      King rond decoration engineering institute through various forms of academic research, to make the traditional Chinese architectural culture heritage. In 2013, king rond cooperation with south China university of technology press, to organize data of lingnan architectural culture, published "the life", thus the catalpa people carpenter's line marker selection of two figure of surveying and mapping the lingnan historic buildings, atlas includes the fifties and sixties of the 20th century some old photos and lingnan architecture diagram of surveying and mapping, it reproduces the evolution of lingnan area, the historical cultural tradition, life custom, geographical conditions and climate characteristics, to enrich and develop Chinese modern architecture has a strong practical significance. Take as a witness and the responsibility of the architectural culture disseminator 

      King rond with south China university of technology, professor, school of journalism &communication lai send Dan cooperation published book collectors HongMuRong recorded the chaozhou collector HongMuRong stories and legends, the book is king rond set about building decoration culture museum and king rond cultural museum. The construction of the museum is the decoration culture heritage, is also the places of cultural development. 

      Residential refined decoration is king rond engineering management center and engineering research institute based on accumulation of practical experience in the work, jointly compiled decoration impressions to promote the construction of atlas of node structure content, the book brings together professional construction details and supporting an instance of the photos, and the corresponding operation instructions, with systemic strong, strong visibility, the maneuverability is strong characteristic, for building design, construction, supervision, construction unit and a reference for professional colleges and universities teachers and students. 

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