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    1. Material R&D

      Engineering research institute

      King rond decoration engineering institute was founded in 2012, with king rond decorative design co., LTD. Business related materials, methods, and independent research and development of the technology and patent filing, to king rond into a leading technology, the ability of the leading high-tech enterprises. Engineering institute gathered a batch of scientific research personnel, and with south China university of technology school of architecture has established good relations of cooperation, won the support of the research funding.

      Engineering institute to king rond construction management and 5 s - six core idea as guidance, the development of silencing nail gun and low noise compressor, anti-crack anti-wrinkle flexible putty grey, straight drinking water circulation system, negative ion air circulation system such as patent, the workshop will also be committed to the wall breathable coating, uv coating, the external walls of nano-materials research and development.

      In addition to technology, materials research and development work, decoration engineering institute has also served as the king rond group of academic research and management innovation. In academic research, the institute for cultural studies, lingnan architectural design to explore private custom to customer demand, ancient building atlas of collection and distribution, the blessed one lived four links with buddhist architecture, to discover and explore of Chinese hot spring culture, etc.; In terms of management innovation, research the ameba management pattern, 5 s - six study theory construction projects such as construction management system.

      Decorative institute always walk in the forefront of the industry thought, think actively about the development direction of industry, the problem for the customer and the enterprise internal problems to provide direction, to carry out the plan, put forward the solution.

      King rond decoration institute to declare success "invention" and "practical patent" :

      "A method to avoid yellow marble in adornment project"

      "The deadened the noise of the buffer structure"

      "Dust cover"

      The environmental protection dust impact drill

      "Has deadened the noise reduction function of pneumatic nail gun"

      "Efficient safety metope paint spraying equipment"

      The spraying device

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