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    1. Intelligent

      Shenzhen NingGuanHong technology co., LTD 
      Intelligent building engineering design and construction of qualification 
      Cable radio and television engineering design license 
      Smart home control patents 
      Intelligent control system software 
      NingGuanHong company is wholly-owned subsidiaries of king rond, founded in 2006, focus on the IDC network and intelligent design and construction, intelligent building system integration, and cable TV network design is a building intelligence engineering design and construction of qualification, cable installation design and construction qualification, design and construction of safe guard system maintenance qualification, and with independent knowledge in the field of intelligent integrated intelligent systems integrators, prepare to new three board listing. 


                            建筑智能化工程設計與施工資質                                        有線廣播電視工程設計許可


                                    智能家居控制專利                                                        智能化控制系統軟件著作

      NingGuanHong in line with the mission of "science and technology to create comfortable life", pay attention to technology and industry, has obtained many patents in the field of intelligent building phase locked and software copyright. Completed many large enterprise room weak current engineering, large villa high-grade building intelligent systems engineering, intelligent home systems engineering and multiple level city cable television network engineering design. Company in intelligent systems with independent intellectual property rights, patents and software copyright. With shenzhen university, guangdong ocean university set up production projects, in product research and development and large-scale mechanical and electrical control system integration. 

      The company's management team and core technical personnel has a wealth of experience in the field of telecommunications, low intelligence. Core management in large public communications companies and large public intelligent weak current enterprises engaged in more than 10 years working experience, understand the development of industry, also have a lot of upstream and downstream resources advantage, can grasp the industry, products and services of technology development direction. 

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