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    1. Execution

      Engineering management center

      Engineering management center was established in 2011, is a major construction company project plan review, progress node plan execution, engineering construction quality, safety management and other professional management department. By engineering construction management, the group of plan implementation, on-site quality control, safety civilization management track inspection, the coordination, help, and the difficulties in order to promote the project is completed, through the establishment of project quality check points and standards, standardization of project management, and establish a project management professional ability evaluation standards, to monitor the company project management status, evaluation project company (department) of project management professional ability, achieve the goal of professional ability and engineering quality improvement. Places the dragon king rond engineering management center project of global management and supervision, and the construction technology and construction management system implementation and promotion, with the advanced construction concept as a guide, combined with abundant construction experience, formed the decoration profession construction management methods: 5 s - six management system, this is the king rond decoration in the decoration project formed in the standardization of sign.


      5 s, safety and safe, quiet Silence, saving saving, fast speedy and Sustainable Sustainable

      Six, standardization of construction drawings, construction technology, process standardization and material processing factory, construction site clean and tidy, and construction management visualization, acceptance standard unification.

      Engineering management center is also committed to establish and improve the decoration standard of the industry, establish the special decoration standards (hotels, commercial projects, medical, yacht), the implementation of the prefabricated construction, decoration and construction, electrical and so on cross construction methods of research, the big data with the construction management for the cloud.

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