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    1. Decoration

      The enterprise of China building decoration industry

      Guangdong king rond construction group, founded in 1995, the main interior decoration engineering design and interior decoration, the decoration design and decoration engineering business are in a leading position in the top.

      Guangdong king rond construction group is a set decoration design and construction in an integrated enterprise, the design area more than 100 square meters, construction area of more than 260 square meters. Has won awards in China building decoration industry enterprises, \"national decoration project gold medal\", \"national excellent enterprise interior decoration\" top 50, China building decoration of green environmental protection. With China building decoration engineering design class-a qualification, China building decoration engineering contracting one class aptitude, Chinese interior design class a, class a qualification of construction, and has passed the IS09001, IS014001, OHSAS18001 management system certification.

      King rond altogether has more than 1500 management personnel at all levels, with king rond growth of high level team and skilled workers more than 30000 people. Business areas related to the hotel, residential, commercial, office, medical, ancient architectural structures, private custom, yacht, and other professional fields, as the domestic decoration industry market gradually mature, king rond decoration has started overseas projects in 2010, Macao star river gentlefolk, the door of a \"harmonious\", Moscow, 200 hotels cluster project, and then to the seychelles, Singapore, bahrain foreign projects, such as king rond is in just three years, has about 40% of the turnover ratio, believe in the near future, with more accumulation of experience, king rond decoration will be in the region of the overseas can seek to the larger market.

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