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    1. Company

      Guangdong JingLong construction group was established in 1995, the main business of interior decoration design and interior decoration engineering, in terms of decoration design is one of the largest decorative design companies, domestic interior decoration engineering business in a leading position in the top, the business covers the high-end residential, hotel, commercial buildings, ancient architectural structures, medical institutions, private and other fields.

      Guangdong JingLong construction group is a set decoration design and construction in a body comprehensive enterprise, has obtained the Chinese building decoration engineering design class-a qualification (domestic top design qualification), China building decoration project specialized contracting grade one qualifications (highest domestic engineering qualification), Chinese class a qualification of grade a of interior design, construction, and has passed the IS09001, IS014001, OHSAS18001 management system certification.

      JingLong decorated with headquarters as the center, radiation in south China, central China, north China, the overseas four big area; Now in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, macau, wuhan, zhengzhou, zhanjiang and Russia in Moscow and other places set up branches, and in more than 40 cities set up a corresponding program. At the same time, the group for the hotel industry service, private custom services industry, temples, pension industry services, smart home, set up corresponding subsidiary network science and technology, etc.

      Professional focus, the pursuit of excellence. JingLong will continue to promote the industrialization of enterprise specialization, scale, brand, construction, and is willing to industry alliance, wide strategic partners, create the brilliant architectural decoration industry in China and the world.

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