MH900422543Recently, Gwenda Schlundt Bodien and I conducted a training progress-focused management in a large organization in the financial sector. One of the participating managers said that wished that his manager would ask him about what goes right in his job and about what progress he has made. He said that getting asked this question would not only help him get a clearer sight on what went right, he felt he would also experience it as a form of recognition.

Another participant said he agreed and that he had already found a way to have such conversations with his manager.  He had said the following to his manager: “It would help me if you would ask me some questions about what has been going well in my work and about what progress I’m already achieving.” The manager in question was happy to do this and the two of them had been talking about what had gone  well and what progress he had already achieved. It had worked quite well for him. Another participant remarked: “What a smart thing to do! This way you have helped  your manager to be more effective.”

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