In 1998, economist Robert Frank wrote: “Our beliefs about human nature help shape human nature itself.” This is true. A hot topic in social psychology is the topic of self-theories. Carol Dweck (photo), pioneer in this line of research, explains that self-theories are people’s beliefs about the fixedness or malleabillity of their personal characteristics, such as their intelligence (Dweck & Molden, 2005).

Agreement with statements like: “Your intelligence is something you cannot really change” reflects a so-called entitiy theorie, also called a fixed mindset. Agreement with statements like “No matter who you are, you can always become more intelligent” reflects a so-called incremental theory or a growth mindset. Lots of research has been done into self-theories. This article summarizes some of the main research conclusions: Developing a Growth Mindset – How individuals and organizations benefit from it. Click here to read more »