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Brief online mindset intervention improves students’ grades

Carefully designed mindset interventions in schools have been shown to show improvements in student’s grades over weeks or month (Blackwell et al., 2007; Good et al. 2007). Now several brief and low cost mindset interventions have also shown positive effects. Here is one example. In an experiment, conducted by Dave Paunesku, Carissa Romero, David Yeager, Greg Walton, and Carol Dweck (Paunesku, 2013) with 1,594 high school students, a 30-minute online mindset intervention in the form of a simple slide show presentation, increased the rate at which underperforming students (those in the bottom 33% by pre-study grade point average) earned satisfactory grades (As, Bs, Cs) in core academic classes. Over an entire semester, treated students earned satisfactory grades at a 14% higher rate relative to control group students (see table below). Click here to read more »

Visualizing progress

Visualizing progress can have a powerful motivating effect. Here are some suggestions about how it may be used.


Main message: expect fluctuation and watch the trendline

Progress hardly ever happens in a straight line. The picture on the right shows a real life example of an improvement process. The red line shows the actual values found (for instance the sales at a certain point in time). As you see, the levels constantly fluctuate. The blue line is the trend line which shows that over time there is a slow but steady improvement. The arrows show the following: Arrow 1: fast first results, quick progress. Arrow 2: rather heavy fall back. Arrow 3: quick improvement again. Arrow 4: serious fall back again after which improvement picks up again. It would be very easy to get discouraged when focusing too much on the fluctuations, at point 2 and 4 for instance. Two things are important to remember: 1) It is normal for progress to show this kind of fluctuation, and 2) The trend line is an important line to watch. This line shows you that there is actual growth overall. The trend line is a very motivating line to watch. Click here to read more »

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