A good way to enable progress is to pose some well thought out questions. It helps when these questions fit well with each other and build on each other. A few years ago, I developed a sequence of 5 progress-focused  questions. I have used it often and I have found it to be powerful and flexible set of questions which can be useful in many change processes. Here it is:

  1. Continuation: While change is important and useful, it is wise to not change more than necessary. As far as you are concerned, which things (activities and processes) within the organization / team are going well enough and do not have to be changed?
  2. Desired progress: Imagine, we are now 3 months further and the organization/team has made progress. How will you notice that there is progress? What is different? What is better? In what sense is it an improvement? How will others (customers, colleagues, management, etc.) notice?
  3. Optimism: Which signals indicate that the organization/team will indeed be able to make progress the next 3 months? Which positive indications do you see?
  4. Small steps: Which first small steps could be taken to start making progress?
  5. Own contribution: What will you personally choose to do to contribute to help the organization/team start making progress?
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